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Why We Must Listen Love Repeat – Part 1

A heart drop gives you a peek into his or her own heart. It may be through words or feelings.

— Karen Ehman, Listen Love Repeat Author

How can I make a difference?

How can I change the world or just be better?

Copy of PineappleExpress-25.pngCopy of PineappleExpress-25.png

Long answer short, you can make a difference.

You can change the world.

And there is always room for improvement.

The book, Listen, Love Repeat explains how small gestures, living more alert and utilizing the life God gave you for others can support these answers. By simply living for others in a self-centered world, we can make impact and touch the lives of others one heart drop at a time.


This synopsis of the first five chapters will give you an understanding of just how effortless and meaningful life can be if we choose to live more alert. Here are several key points that bullet these chapters:

  • Live More Alert.

    Rather than striving to perform grand gestures, why not do smaller acts with great love? Stop trying to be profound and important. God’s word calls us to reach out to those who are weary at heart. Be present to the broken-hearted. I’ve realized when I give more of myself and put their joy before mine, the benefits are much more gratifying.


  • Love God, others, and yourself.

    Only when we read through God’s word and apply it to our daily lives will we truly know the value of loving others and ourselves. He didn’t call us to be comfortable but rather to be obedient. One of my favorite quotes from the book was…


“He [Jesus] didn’t preach to everyone, heal everyone, comfort everyone, or even convert everyone. He simply showed up where God told him to go and did what God told him to do.

— Karen Ehman

  • Make time for others.

    Nowadays, extra time is extremely scarce. Our schedules are jam-packed with anything and everything. Every year I ask my parents what they want for Mother’s/Father’s and their birthday. Their response, “your time.” I didn’t realize the value of time until I had children of my own. Imagine taking 5-10 minutes of (scheduled/unscheduled) time out of your day for someone. The apostle Paul instructs us to “lighten the load of others, because when we encourage, cheer, help, guide, or simply do life with another person, we let them see a snippet of Christ and His love.”


  • Respect everyone.

    Every individual was created unique in God’s image. As we continue to grow, we develop our own views and opinions. That doesn’t mean that we cannot speak politely and honorably towards one another. Occasionally, we are called the speak “the hard truth” but do so in a way that is pleasing to the Lord. Be slow to speak, reflect His image and deflect all glory to Him.


  • Choose your words wisely.

    The difference between sympathy and empathy is the level of compassion. Jesus is near to the broken-hearted, the oppressed and the grieving. There will be times when we don’t know what or how to express our sincerity. Again, be alert to the heart drops around you. Being present and putting their needs above yours is a small yet grand gesture. Some may not remember what you said but they will remember how you made them feel. Be a light.


I’m excited to see and hear how the Lord is working in your lives for others.


Copy of PineappleExpress-25.pngCopy of PineappleExpress-25.png


**I was selected as a book launch team member for Listen, Love Repeat. All views and opinions are my own.**


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