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5 Excuses For Getting Girlfriends Together and Booking That Trip

This was a long time coming.

Making excuses NOT to go was the norm:

What if I miss _______?

I can’t take off work.

It’s too much time and money.

Who will take care of the children?

I just caaan’t!

So if you’ve used any of the above, we’re on the same page and for me, it was nearly 5 years until I said, Yes.

Mom guilt is real.

FOMO is even more real.

But today, I’m giving you permission….a pass….a get-outta-town punch ticket!

Your 5 (NEW) excuses for packing up that bag already and heading outta town with your girl gang!

Copy of PineappleExpress-6.pngCopy of PineappleExpress-6.png

1.) It’s Been AGES Since You’ve Seen Each Other (Alone.)

With all the loving responsibilities of being a wife, mother, homemaker, work duties and everything in between, It is important to tap out.

At this rate, your family will appreciate the many hats you balance daily.



Myrtle Beach at sunset.Myrtle Beach at sunset.

Myrtle Beach at sunset.

2.) You Get to Become A Traveling Tourist.

You cannot say you’ve never dreamt of visiting somewhere you’ve never been or sightsee a corner of the world! At some point everyone has dreamt of or pursued the art of wanderlust.

Try cuisine you never thought you would, and make friends with locals or explore a town you’ve always wanted to!

NOW is the time!

Day Time Myrtle BeachDay Time Myrtle Beach

Day Time Myrtle Beach

3.) Reminisce On The Old Memories And Make New Ones.

It’s Bound To Happen Anytime Friends Get Together. We Spent Hours In The Morning With Our Cups Of Coffee Out On The Balcony Chatting About EVERYTHING.

With Old Memories Comes The New – Which Means All The More Reason To Book. That. Trip.

Dinner & Exploring Myrtle Beach!Dinner & Exploring Myrtle Beach!

Dinner & Exploring Myrtle Beach!

Dinner By the Water.Dinner By the Water.

Dinner By the Water.

4.) All about the Experience, Not Things.

I Stand By This.

When We Look Back at Our Lives, What Do You See? Maybe Gifts That were Given, and Maybe You Still Have them.

For me, I See People and Places.

Friends, Family And, Destinations. I see Memories Filled With Community.

THAT is What Life is About: People.

Ferris Wheel at Night!Ferris Wheel at Night!

Ferris Wheel at Night!


5.) You Come Back Refreshed And Recharged.

From having taken a trip, it was honestly a breath of fresh air.

Did I call my family daily? Of course.

That long weekend reassured me that I made the right choice.

My family was well-cared for (great job honey!) and the children had spent plenty of Quality time with dad and grandparents.

It Was a trip well-taken!


I LOVE SUGAR - Myrtle BeachI LOVE SUGAR - Myrtle Beach

I LOVE SUGAR – Myrtle Beach

Obstacle Course Down the Road from Our place!Obstacle Course Down the Road from Our place!

Obstacle Course Down the Road from Our place!

Light Houses are so Romantical!Light Houses are so Romantical!

Light Houses are so Romantical!

YOUR TURN! Share Below A Destination You’d Love to Visit!

Copy of PineappleExpress-6.pngCopy of PineappleExpress-6.png

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