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3 simple and successful tips to apply to your planner TODAY

Is it ever too soon to start planner prep?

To begin envisioning what the remaining year and next will be, with a God-focused schedule?

Well, the answer may be yes for some but I am all for being proactive and progressive.

But if you’re a procrastinator, that’s ok too. THIS POST IS FOR YOU!

And so is this planner

Not only does this planner have your name on it but, I will also be sharing 3 simple and strategic ways that have kept (and will keep) procrastination at bay. HERE WE GO!

There MAY also be a giveaway and a coupon code! Keep reading!

Copy of Copy of PineappleExpress.pngCopy of Copy of PineappleExpress.png

Horacio Printing has guided tutorials to help you set up every section of the planner. This has been a great tool for me.

“The best is yet to come!”

1.) Pray and reflect on every area of your life.


It is essential to not only focus on not 1, not 2 but EVERY area of your life: physical, spiritual, financial, recreational, personal effect the other directly. If one lacks, the entire system will reflect the inadequecy.

Spend a sufficient amount of time developing a system.

This leads me to my #2 tip.


2.) Be specific with day designation.


Build a system. It really is that simple. I will prioritize 3 action items on my list always:

  • Maintain my physical health (smoothie, cardio, stretching) that day.

  • Maintain my spiritual health (praise music, reading a bible passage, in prayer.)

  • Steward my home (block an area in my house that I thoroughly clean. Eg: Mondays = Kitchen, Thursdays = Boys bedrooms, etc. )



3.) Plenty of Room for a “Praise Report” section.


I can not stress this enough. Not one planner is perfect, life happens and tasks go incomplete.

This is why we focus on the victories, big and small. It’s like I’ve always shared with friends and family,

“You have more blessings in your life than not.”


Now is the time to document them when you need that pick up or reminder just how good God is.

All these tips I have shared pair very well this planner from Horacio Printing, a growing, woman-owned business that works specifically towards achieving optimal goals. (Below is a gallery of my pink with gold-foiled print and also a “The Best Is Yet to Come” Journal with a gold pen.) Planners come with a white cloth draw-bag and clip-in book mark to hold your spot.

Horacio Printing also donates a portion of their proceeds to A21, a non-profit organization that fights and raises awareness against Human Trafficking.



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