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5 tips to creating an organic following that begins with leading

We have succumbed to infatuation of having MORE likes, MORE follows, MORE, comments and the lines have been blurred. There is SO much gray…..possibly too much. (insert thumbs up)

This is a sponsored post but as always, all opinions are my own.

Sadie Robertson Huff’s book, “Who are you Following?” covers all the bases when it comes down to, which would you rather, be liked or well loved?

Millennials spend an average of 2 1/2 hours daily on social media.

8 billion live videos are streamed on Facebook and billions more between YouTube and Snapchat.

Based off of projected time spent, we are looking at nearly 7 years spent of our lives on social media.

And among those have experienced higher levels of anxiety and depression.

Her book is an eye opener to all that’s trending on social media among followers, the influencers and yes, even the “cancel culture.” Sadie gives great parallels between what society will say but ultimately filters their thoughts through the lens of the gospel.

Here are 5 key points that will better navigate both followers AND the leaders to capture an authentic growing social community:

1.) “Who is it you’re following and why and where are they taking you?”

There’s such a disconnect in the world that we would rather hop online than come face-to-face with anyone. Send out a text before making a call. The people that you surround yourself with (and ultimately follow along on their journey will influence these choices.

You have to ask yourself, is this person glorifying God with their platform? Would God be pleased with what you are watching, liking, commenting? Are they taking you deeper in your faith?

2.) Be intentional, not complacent.

Jesus is the best example. Every word he spoke was with love and intention. He spoke with every intent to see people come to Christ. He did not waiver at the mockery of officials, the townspeople, “trolls” if you will, or those of religious elite. He spoke for not for popularity but with purpose for those who were lost.

Now, we can not change hearts. That is only done by move of the Holy Spirit. I am saying to deliver with intentional words because they have power, with HIS help. Regardless of the number of followers or messages, there is someone reading your caption, watching your video and the work of the spirit is at hand. And how else can I put this, stay in your lane because everyone is on a different journey and God moves in mysterious ways.

3.) The temporary highs are not worth the long term insecurity.

Can I get an A M E N?!? Do not post for attention. There I said it.

Now more than ever, people are seeking acceptance and validation. We have become so desperate that it calls for drastic measures. Do not post for the sake of likes, or a greater following.

One of my favorite quotes from the book is:

“Wait until your story becomes a testimony to share online.

— Christine Caine

So simple yet so true. I think of James 1:19 when I read this too:

be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger…” **Can I edit it in, “and be even SLOWER to post.”

4.) Anyone can be cancelled.

Jesus was the most cancelled person in history. The world was out for him. Satan that is.

Jesus had all kinds of followers just like today: those with pure intent to learn or those waiting for him to stumble. When you speak with authority and knowing who you are in Christ, those waiting for your fall will sense your confidence in Christ. There is purpose for the platform God gave you whether it’s 10 or 100,000 steward what God had given you. Don’t feed the cancel culture.

5.) Focus on a commitment, not a convenience.

In this book, Sadie emphasizes the struggles of this generation. We have serious issues with commitments, myself included. From family, to marriage, church, workplace, we are a “not satisfied, move along” generation. This is a problem.

This could very well be a reminder to look deeper into our relationship with Jesus, are you committed or is He simply a convenience? Sadie made a great point when she said, when you follow Jesus there isn’t an “unfollow button” anywhere in sight.

You are either all in or you’re not.

So many More takeaways from the “Who are you following” Book and, Sadie is one who has experienced this firsthand being in the limelight for years. Having shared her own struggles while keeping private matters private, and reassessing just how essential it is to filter the media Message through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I love that she mentions how watered-down the gospel has become, her and her husband, pass struggles have reaffirmed who they are in Christ, and the way she said,

“Life is all about perspective. And most of the time the full story of someone else’s life is not yours to know.”

— Sadie Robertson Huff

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