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Why I Don’t Watch the News

While election day is quickly approaching, I think it’s safe to say that the American people are troubled by our candidates. We are reminded that God is in control. We are called to pray for our leaders in ranking: political leaders, government officials, teachers, healthcare workers, all those who have a major influence in today’sContinue reading “Why I Don’t Watch the News”

Why We Must Listen Love Repeat – Part 1

“A heart drop gives you a peek into his or her own heart. It may be through words or feelings.” — Karen Ehman, Listen Love Repeat Author How can I make a difference? How can I change the world or just be better? Long answer short, you can make a difference. You can change the world.Continue reading “Why We Must Listen Love Repeat – Part 1”

Why I Lean on Faith While Raising Boys

  I love how my son loves. His generous heart towards his teacher, his classmates. He sees things that I tend to overlook… As he was leaving class the other day, he was helping his classmate with her backpack. Then he turned to me with an ear-to-ear smile while running full speed in my direction.Continue reading “Why I Lean on Faith While Raising Boys”

How to Lose Unnecessary Weight – Part 1

A brand new month means a BRAND NEW SERIES! I’m kicking off on the right foot with the “losing the weight” series. Whether its an emotional, psychological, or spiritual battle, this series certainly runs deep in my life. It is time to release the destructive animosity that has your heart detained.  This week is all aboutContinue reading “How to Lose Unnecessary Weight – Part 1”

How His Birth Transformed my Faith

He’s heard my heartbeat from the inside, out. I’ve fallen in love for the third time (behind his daddy and big brother), became completely enamored by his baby giggles, and allured by his sweet innocence. Being his mother has been the most gratifying, eye-opening, heart-rendering experience of my life. I have seen, felt, heard and experiencedContinue reading “How His Birth Transformed my Faith”