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How to Spiritually Rid Your Mom Guilt

This post was inspired by the mom who believes society has authority over every aspect of her life. The mom who feels the constant weight of comparison, perfectionism and no other choice but A. The mom who just can’t quite keep up with trends, playdates, and the never-ending list of non-GMO products… That mom wasContinue reading “How to Spiritually Rid Your Mom Guilt”

5 Excuses For Getting Girlfriends Together and Booking That Trip

This was a long time coming. Making excuses NOT to go was the norm: What if I miss _______? I can’t take off work. It’s too much time and money. Who will take care of the children? I just caaan’t! So if you’ve used any of the above, we’re on the same page and forContinue reading “5 Excuses For Getting Girlfriends Together and Booking That Trip”

Why I Choose to Love my Husband Above our Children

My husband and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. No big deal, right? My idea of celebrating: Netflix, some Laundry, catch up on reading, a big high-five and kiss after another year in the books… But he caught me off-Guard. He started playing a familiar song over Our basement speaker system.  ….the song I hadContinue reading “Why I Choose to Love my Husband Above our Children”

The Biggest Mistake I Made as a New Mom

When I first discovered we were pregnant with our first child, I couldn’t read enough articles, have enough Pinterest boards and ask anyone and everyone about their experience as a mother.  I was literally a sponge, trying to soak up every bit of knowledge and lesson from women who have been there, done that.  ButContinue reading “The Biggest Mistake I Made as a New Mom”

3 Ways To Squeeze VitaTops into Your Daily Routine

This post is sponsored by VitaTops, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.   Spring is in full swing and schedules are as busy as ever with extracurricular activities, work projects, and packed planners with all sorts of to-dos! It just never ends! And with all the busy comes a break, SPRING BREAK!Continue reading “3 Ways To Squeeze VitaTops into Your Daily Routine”

How Putting my Husband First Saved Our Marriage

Becoming a wife and mother are filled daily with self-sacrifical choices for women. To place another’s needs before your known is an absolute display of love and devotion.  My beautiful friend, Ana from She Found Grace discusses more about the importance of placing your spouse above all other needs. Ana is a wife and mother whoContinue reading “How Putting my Husband First Saved Our Marriage”

How to Lose Unnecessary Weight – Part 3

Yes, I am a statistic. I Chose to believe the superficial standards placed on women. I tug at my clothes, stare at my blemishes, and shrug because it is what it is…am I right?? I have accepted my insecurities because they are only a part of my story. I am embracing what the good LordContinue reading “How to Lose Unnecessary Weight – Part 3”

Here’s What I Know From One Mom to Another

In honor of of mothers, far and wide, I’ve asked moms near and dear to me for words of wisdom that you may find yourself nodding (LOLing)along to: “Always be respectful {towards each other} and treat others how you’d want to be treated.” Grandma S. “Every mother should make and spend as much quality timeContinue reading “Here’s What I Know From One Mom to Another”