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3 Reasons Why You Must Run Towards the Roar and Transform Your Thinking

What IS “run towards the roar,” exactly? My guess is that’s why you’re here. Or maybe you’re ready to transform your thinking. Well, I have great news for you! I’M GOING TO SHARE BOTH THE REASONING AND WAYS BEHIND THIS TOPIC! But before I share with you the 3 reasons why, can I ask youContinue reading “3 Reasons Why You Must Run Towards the Roar and Transform Your Thinking”

Why I Choose to Love my Husband Above our Children

My husband and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. No big deal, right? My idea of celebrating: Netflix, some Laundry, catch up on reading, a big high-five and kiss after another year in the books… But he caught me off-Guard. He started playing a familiar song over Our basement speaker system.  ….the song I hadContinue reading “Why I Choose to Love my Husband Above our Children”

What I Will NOT Do in the New Year

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!? ANOTHER YEAR has come to an end. I’m still working on this years resolutions… Are you in the same boat?? As we know, with a new year comes….you guessed it, resolutions: a beach body. more organization. bigger faith.    I’ve never been one to make a new year’s resolution. I believeContinue reading “What I Will NOT Do in the New Year”

Why I Lean on Faith While Raising Boys

  I love how my son loves. His generous heart towards his teacher, his classmates. He sees things that I tend to overlook… As he was leaving class the other day, he was helping his classmate with her backpack. Then he turned to me with an ear-to-ear smile while running full speed in my direction.Continue reading “Why I Lean on Faith While Raising Boys”

How to Lose Unnecessary Weight – Part 1

A brand new month means a BRAND NEW SERIES! I’m kicking off on the right foot with the “losing the weight” series. Whether its an emotional, psychological, or spiritual battle, this series certainly runs deep in my life. It is time to release the destructive animosity that has your heart detained.  This week is all aboutContinue reading “How to Lose Unnecessary Weight – Part 1”

3 Ways to Speak Victory Over Your Family Today

“May our hearts be resilient and never weary in well doing. May we understand with, with every step we take, that God is for us and will never leave us or forsake us. May we be wise, and be willing to seek God in newfound ways. May our faith grow bigger and wider than ourContinue reading “3 Ways to Speak Victory Over Your Family Today”