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How A 1% Better Mindset Can Advance Your Faith (And Lifestyle)

When Chris (Nik’s son) was born we were told all the things he would not be able to do and were warned about setting high expectations; because we would be inviting disappointment. It was time to stop being realistic and to shift to a higher gear. Being realistic was highly overrated.”

– Nik Nikic, Author of 1% Better Book

Have you ever been told you were unequipped, incapable or unqualified to achieve a goal?

Or maybe you struggled with pursuing a dream because you believed “no pain, no gain” and became burnt out or overwhelmed?

There are many of us who don’t know where to begin, how to measure success or establish a regular rhythm with a 1% Better MINDSET.

What is 1% Better you ask? Nik Nikic and his son, Chris share their journey of determination, heartbreak, goal-setting and how a simple change in your daily habits accrue long-term success.


Like the next person, Nik grew up with his own hardships and had a very driven mindset. Raised on a solid work ethic, he was determined to do the same with his two children. The only difference was that his son Chris, who was born with Down Syndrome was treated differently. Chris was not thriving in the educational system he was placed (and was repeatedly reminded of what he would never be able to accomplish) in and Nik and his wife, Patty witnessed this firsthand.

“If our plans, and not God’s plans, had prevailed, you would not be reading this book today.”

-Nik Nikic

With plenty of patience, perseverance and positivity, Chris and his community were setting higher goals to reach his ultimate dream of running a IRONMAN TRIATHLON. He was not taking no for an answer.

In order for Chris to reach his goals, Nik applied these KEY concepts:
  • Small changes vs. major pivots.

    • Nik talks in depth about the importance of creating daily habits. According some research, behavioral habits on average take roughly 60 days to “stick” if you will.

  • Create a measurable system.

    • Nik uses specific metrics and applies this to Chris’ activities, outcomes and results. Each step is measurable and paramount to completion.

  • Success is a mindset.

    • Nik breaks down key resources including an accountability partner and calls that increase the overall likely outcome. Sources have stated that an achievement habit takes 9-12 months to develop. Performance starts in the mind and the body follows.

“…when we say that God uses the least likely among us to deliver a message, all you have to do is look at the race results and know that if God was going to use one person from this group to deliver a powerful global message, He would pick Chris.”

-Nik Nikic

The 1% Better Book gives an extraordinary take on one man’s journey that overcame the impossible. It is by God’s grace, and his goodness that lead Chris and his family down a path of bold faith. To believe in the unbelievable. Chris and Nik took this mentality of daily preparations that transformed their minds, hearts, communities and ultimately their faith to many levels.

What a joy to read and learn about how God moves in someone’s life and creates many ripples, worldwide by simply changing one’s mindset.


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